Laundry Business

Why Go Into the Coin/Card or Smartphone operated Laundry Business?

There are many very good reasons as to why people venture into the Laundry Industry. I think after working with many hundreds of clients we can list the most important reasons in order of our own survey:
  • A personal entrepreneurial spirit (wanting to own something of their own)
  • The Laundromat industry high return on investment (between 25%-35%)
  • Requiring few employees, and being relatively simple to own, operate and manage
  • Laundromats are a very low risk business
  • Laundromats are resistant against changes in the local and national economy (having clean clothes is a basic necessity)
  • Laundromats have almost no inventory to keep or manage with little or no spoilage.
  • Laundromats are a “cash and carry” business with no accounts receivable to manage or worry about
  • Commercial Laundry equipment is now capable of being operated with smart or debit cards or even smartphones, providing the owner with simple access to their sales dollars automatically deposited into their business bank accounts
  • New Commercial Laundry equipment is often capable to allow owners instant access to income, usage, and equipment management operating from “Cloud” accounts and Apps.

What Sets ADL Consulting Apart From Any Other Laundry Industry Consultants

  • We are the first choice for both new and existing laundromat owners everywhere
  • We are not equipment distributors so our one and only concern is your success.
  • We are experts in all facets of the Coin/Card and Smartphone operated Laundromat Business
  • We will always keep your information completely confidential
  • We understand what it takes to make your business a success
  • We are available for our clients 365 days a year….either by phone, skype, or email
  • Our Consulting fees are very reasonable for all of the services that we provide
  • We have helped many hundreds of clients throughout the world achieve financial success
  • We will expertly guide you through your acquisition, sale, remodel, or new construction of your commercial laundry business.

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