Financing Laundromat Industry


Most people who are interested in either purchasing, building or remodeling a coin laundry or card laundry will need some sort of help with financing their project. Few potential laundry owners have enough cash on hand to finance their own business without seeking the help of a lending institution or a private investor. Even if you are fortunate to have enough cash to totally finance your project, it is not always the best way to maximize your profitability for a variety of reasons. It is often a better strategy to leverage some of your construction or equipment purchase expenses. It will within reasonably structured limits make your return on investment (ROI) greater.
Laundry Financing
ADL Consulting Services can assist you with finding suitable financing options depending on your financing goals, credit and other important considerations. Whether it is for your equipment costs, and or construction and working capital we can help you to put together a plan to submit to either interested financial institutions or other conventional financing sources.

What Sets ADL Consulting Apart From Any Other Laundry Industry Consultants

  • We are the first choice for both new and existing laundromat owners everywhere
  • We are not equipment distributors so our one and only concern is your success.
  • We are experts in all facets of the Coin/Card and Smartphone operated Laundromat Business
  • We will always keep your information completely confidential
  • We understand what it takes to make your business a success
  • We are available for our clients 365 days a year….either by phone, skype, or email
  • Our Consulting fees are very reasonable for all of the services that we provide
  • We have helped many hundreds of clients throughout the world achieve financial success
  • We will expertly guide you through your acquisition, sale, remodel, or new construction of your commercial laundry business.
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