The following is a menu of Services that ADL Consulting Services, Inc. offers to our clients:

Financing and Marketing assistance and recommendations

  • Assistance in Developing a Business Plan
  • Assisting in the search for Financing of the project
  • Develop a Marketing Plan, and Grand Opening Promotion Plan that would be implemented once the store received its Final Inspections and Occupancy Permit.

Location Analysis

  • Assisting in the search and location of a suitable site for the New Store
  • Acquiring Demographics for either a specific or a number of possible sites
  • Once a site is selected, assisting in the determination of the mix of suitable equipment to be utilized for a specific site.
  • If a rental space is the intended store site, we can assist in the negotiations of an acceptable lease that is applicable for this use, which, prior to signing by the Tenant, should be presented to an attorney within the state to determine if all legal issues, have been taken into consideration.
  • If an existing building is being purchased, we can assist in determining the viability of the structure as it applies to size, accessibility, exposure, and the availability of sufficient Utility Services necessary to support the intended use.

Store Design and Build out

  • Assist in the layout of equipment, Décor, and workflow, which in turn would be presented to an Architect for the development of Blue Prints.
  • Assist in the Negotiations of the equipment purchase prices with local Distributors.
  • Review the Blue Prints for the inclusion of all the necessary components prior to having them presented to a local Building, and Zoning Department for approval and subsequent issuance of a Building Permit.
  • Help in locating and or negotiating with a General Contractor to determine a fair construction cost and contract to build the store.
  • Coordinate with both the Architect and General Contractor the status of construction and the adherence of the General Contractor’s Build Schedule.


  • Assist in the Hiring and Training of Employees.
  • Teaching the store owners how to own and operate their new laundry, including the use of equipment, as well as the daily, weekly and monthly accounting procedures, for all facets of the business, how to handle common issues as they relate to customers, and employees, as well as ongoing marketing strategies to maximize the potential of their business.

Remodeling or Redesign:

  • Determine the best equipment to use in your demographic and competitive area.
  • Determine a very pleasing and attractive Décor.
  • Determine the most effective pricing structure for all of your services.
  • Assist with a new Grand Opening to re-introduce your customers to your new look and better equipment.
  • Assist in the development of a new marketing strategy to put your mature business back into a new and improved growth mode to maximize the potential of your business.

Pricing Analysis for sale or acquisition:

  • Provide you with a work document, that when filled out completely, can assist with determining the fair market value of an existing business.
  • For the existing store owner selling his/her business we can make suggestions as how to best present the business to a prospective buyer in order to maximize the purchase price and value of the business.
  • For someone who is interested in acquiring an existing Laundry, besides all of the services mentioned above, we can also assist the Buyer during the Due Diligence process of determining both the Income and Expense history of the Business as well as its true long term value.
  • It is imperative for a potential Buyer of an all cash business to do a very extensive and exhaustive investigation of the Existing business’s current value in terms of its Equipment, Lease, Income, Expenses, Competition, Financing, and all problems or issues that may have either a direct or indirect baring on its future success.  The cost of our services to assist you through this process is very small compared to the costs associated with making a mistake.

If you need more information, please use our contact form or you can reach us by phone at (954) 270-6936 or fax at 1-888-966-0269 or skype at adlconsulting.

What sets us apart from other Laundromat/Laundry Consultants?

  • We are totally dedicated to servicing our client’s needs.
  • We are available to meet our clients’ needs 365 days a year.
  • We are Consultants, and not Equipment Distributors.
  • We charge very reasonable consulting fees for all of our services.
  • We are experts in all facets of the Coin Laundry/Card Laundry and Laundromat industry.
  • We can help you to build your store from the ground up.
  • We have helped Hundreds of our clients achieve success in the Commercial Laundry Industry.
  • We can help you to pay a reasonable and fair price for an existing store as well as
  • We keep all of your information private and confidential.
  • Guide you through the purchase process.
  • Nothing is ever shared with any other entity.
  • We can help you to remodel and re-equip an old tired laundry into a beautiful modern store.
  • We understand what it takes to make a laundry business successful.
  • We can help you sell your existing Store.