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Your first Consultation is always FREE. Just fill out the attached “Free Phone Consultation” box. Let us know some convenient times to contact you by phone and one of our consultants will confirm a time to discuss any questions you may have. If phoning you is not going to be convenient, than please fill out our “Questionnaire” and we will email you the information that you request.

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Tel. 954-270-6936
Fax. 1-888-966-0269
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If you have questions or need help regarding any of our services, or if there is any assistance that you may need that has not been discussed in our website please do not hesitate to contact us. One of our Consultants will contact you within 24 hours of your request. As mentioned before, we are a full service Consulting firm dedicated to the Commercial Coin Laundry and Card Laundry Industry. We look forward to being your “ONE STOP” source for help and assistance for anything related to the Commercial Laundry Industry. Thank you for taking the time to visit us online It would be nice to get to know you and make you another successful member of our long list of clients.

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What sets us apart from other Laundromat/Laundry Consultants?

  • We are totally dedicated to servicing our client’s needs.
  • We are available to meet our clients’ needs 365 days a year.
  • We are Consultants, and not Equipment Distributors.
  • We charge very reasonable consulting fees for all of our services.
  • We are experts in all facets of the Coin Laundry/Card Laundry and Laundromat industry.
  • We can help you to build your store from the ground up.
  • We have helped Hundreds of our clients achieve success in the Commercial Laundry Industry.
  • We can help you to pay a reasonable and fair price for an existing store as well as
  • We keep all of your information private and confidential.
  • Guide you through the purchase process.
  • Nothing is ever shared with any other entity.
  • We can help you to remodel and re-equip an old tired laundry into a beautiful modern store.
  • We understand what it takes to make a laundry business successful.
  • We can help you sell your existing Store.