Business Plan


If you are either going to finance your new or existing coin or card laundry store through traditional lenders or private investors you will need a Business Plan. Even If you are going to use all your own money to start your new or existing store, you still need a Business Plan because it tells you and your investors or the finance company that you have an understanding of your market, as well as the business you are entering into, and the income and expenses that you will encounter. It is much more than just a jumble of numbers and wishful thinking. It is your own personal roadmap to plan and monitor you success. It is how everyone involved can measure the ongoing success of your business.

ADL Consulting Services has done hundreds of these plans for our clients. We are very qualified to assist you in putting together this most important document into a comprehensive plan for you and your investor(s).

What sets us apart from other Laundromat/Laundry Consultants?

  • We are totally dedicated to servicing our client’s needs.
  • We are available to meet our clients’ needs 365 days a year.
  • We are Consultants, and not Equipment Distributors.
  • We charge very reasonable consulting fees for all of our services.
  • We are experts in all facets of the Coin Laundry/Card Laundry and Laundromat industry.
  • We can help you to build your store from the ground up.
  • We have helped Hundreds of our clients achieve success in the Commercial Laundry Industry.
  • We can help you to pay a reasonable and fair price for an existing store as well as
  • We keep all of your information private and confidential.
  • Guide you through the purchase process.
  • Nothing is ever shared with any other entity.
  • We can help you to remodel and re-equip an old tired laundry into a beautiful modern store.
  • We understand what it takes to make a laundry business successful.
  • We can help you sell your existing Store.